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· this case is limited to SPIMI users and internal use of the company.

· this case is based on actual shooting.

· in the case of comparison, the main problem is: what kind of skin is better and what kind of skin is worse ?

· cases are for reference only.



Spots: more people with spots, more features in the lower left corner, lower right lower scores;Score 20-100, the higher the better.The average spots is less than 45 points.



Wrinkles: wrinkle detection results, as shown on the left forehead, mainly detect forehead wrinkles.There are more wrinkles, more features and more points.In general, the number of wrinkles is around 50.



Pore: many pores, mainly manifested in the detection results in the face black dot logo;Pores average around 40, men lower, women higher.Men and women differ greatly.

4、Skin Texture


Skin Texture: skin texture value reacts to skin roughness.The rougher the skin, the lower the texture.In general, the texture is worth the average of about 60 points.The texture is above 80, which means the skin is smooth.



Porphyrins: mainly reflecting skin oils and bacteria.As shown in the left figure, red and white fluorescence points are more abundant, which is high in porphyrin, indicating that the hair follicles have more oil and more bacteria.The corresponding feature count is high and the score is low.

6、Ultraviolet Spots


Ultraviolet Spots:mainly refers to the uv irradiation, subcutaneous fine melanin;The yellow coil is the fixed part;The ultraviolet spot is more like the left picture, less like the right image;The average value of the uv spots was around 40.

7、PIMI Erythema


PIMI Erythema: mainly test the blood microcirculation of the face, as shown in the left image, the abnormal red zone usually shows local high brightness red;Abnormal red zone means acne, allergies, etc.

8、PIMI Brown Spot


PIMI Brown Spot: PIMI brown spot mainly refers to the subcutaneous metabolism pigmentation, the general brown spot value is about 1500, less than this brown spot.

9、Ovarian Cyst


According to the traditional Chinese medicine, abnormal reaction occurs in the forehead (between the eyebrows), indicating the problems in the reproductive system.An example of ovarian cyst is illustrated.In SPIMI detection, porphyrins and brown spots were most obvious.

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